Tank Bibs

aka “tank panels” aka “tank bras”

I carry a large selection of templates for bikes from many manufacturers. If I do not have your template, Click here for instructions. Many templates are interchangeable from one make and model to another.

Each bib is backed with soft suede. You are also provided with helpful hints that will keep your bib and the paint underneath, in top condition.


Designing your own bib is easy and you get to be the one who decides what goes on the bib, what color it will be, how wide it will be and more. You can also send me hardware that you have purchased for your bib and it will be incorporated it into the design.

I offer hand tooling and carving, creative stitch patterns, exotic skins, a variety of colors and pocket styles/sizes. Custom embroidery is also available through www.sheepmountainembroidery.com.

Check out the craftsmanship page for additional information.


  • A simple tank bib with a single stamped border or one row of round spots (or studs) in either black or natural start at $120 and up.
  • Small tank bibs for bike such as the Road King, Street Bob and Heritage Soft Tail start at $90 and up.
  • “Whales Tail” bibs start at $225 and up. These bibs are a one piece bib that, at the bottom, wrap around the tank to protect it from your jeans.
  • Wrap around tank covers start at $350 and up. These covers must be molded for optimum fit. It’s is preferable to have the tank in my shop to create the perfect fit but we can work together long distance to possibly create the same fit, contact me for more information.

Please note that all bib prices do not including S&H