Proper Fit for Chaps

Hints for Fitting Chaps:

  1. Chaps can be adjusted from the back (if laced in back) or from the belt area.
  2. The chap zipper should always run down the same seam as your pants.
  3. Chaps too big in the waist with the belt pulled in too much will cause the zipper to come forward.  The reverse will happen if the belt must be let out all the way. The belt should buckle in the middle not at either end.
  4. People with short waists may need to have the chap altered to fit them correctly as the chap my be riding too high on the waist.
  5. The back of the chaps should not need an extender unless you are big in the waist and very small in the legs. In the case where a girl has small waist and big thighs she needs to get the chaps to fit her in the thighs first (the hardest place to fit) then the waist second. The waist be adjusted by over lapping the adjustment area in the center back or by having the waist band customized.
  6. Chaps should not be real tight on the thigh because it can cause you to lose circulation while you are riding. It will also make them uncomfortable if you “layer  up”.  You should be able to slide your hand under the top of the chap while sitting down.
  7. The length of the chap is up to the person wearing them however it is advisable that you sit down and extend your leg. This will assure that the chap will not ride up while riding.  If a chap drags on the ground behind the boot, it is not that the chap is necessarily too long but that the leg is too wide.  At this point an alteration can correct the problem.
  8. People with large stomachs, may have a problem with getting the chaps or with bending to zip them up. This can be eliminated by the use of leggings chaps instead of traditional chaps.

Measuring for Chaps:

All measurements must be taken while wearing riding clothes and boots.
All measurements must be taken be taken snuggly but not tight. Allow one inch for expansion.

  • Around the waist or hip, depending upon where you want the chaps to ride.
  • Length from top of chap belt to 3” below crotch.
  • Length from top of chap to floor with boots on.
  • Thigh measurement where chap will ride which is again 3” from crotch.
  • Knee circumference measurement.
  • Calf circumference measurement (with boots on if you wear calf high boots).
  • Ankle circumference measurement (with boots on).