Frequently Asked Questions

As I get specific questions of general interest, I will post a quick response here.

1. What happens if I change my mind after you have received my funds via check or Pay Pal.  While establishing the details of an order, a lot of  time is spent on email and phones with each customer.  If you change your mind and cancel the order, a minimum charge of $25 will be incurred.  If materials have been ordered the cost of the materials plus any applicable shipping fees, labor involved in creating templates, compilation of work orders, research time etc will be deducted from the deposit balance to be refunded.

2. Do you make jackets? No

2. Do you make vests? Yes

3. What kind of alterations do you make?

I can make a wide variety of alterations to chaps. Jackets, vests and pants are a one-on-one situation as they can very from style to style.

4. Can you make jackets larger?

No, making a jacket larger is as complicated as the construction of the jacket.

5. Can you make chaps by having me send you just my measurements?

Yes, I will walk you through the measurements that I need and will send you a diagram to help you out.

6. If I order a pair of custom chaps, how do I know if I will like the color of leather or the texture?

We’ll discuss what you are after first then I will send you samples.

7. I want legging chaps, can you turn my current chaps into legging chaps (the kind that snap over your belt)?

Yes, this is an excellent way out for those who do not like the fit of a regular chap but still want protection and warmth.

8. How can I check out your reputation as a leather smith?

You can visit or I can put you in touch with any one of my customers who will vouch for my work.

9. Can you replace linings in jackets or vests or chaps?

No on jackets and vests, yes on chaps.

10. Can you recreate a pair of old chaps?

Yes, this is an excellent way to assure that you get the fit that you are used to.

11. Can you upholster seats for older bikes with metal pans?


12. Can you change the way a seat fits me?

Yes and no. This is tricky because I prefer to have you and your bike, in my shop and see you sit on the bike. I can change the way the seat fits you to a certain extent but I am not an seat builder.

13. Can you reproduce a purse, bag or other items?

Yes depending on the item.  You’re welcome to send me the item so that I can take a look at it and give you my opinion. Please include return shipping

14. How soon can I expect to get the custom product that I order?

The estimated time of completion that I quote you can only start AFTER a final production description is agreed one between the two us and any applicable deposit has been received. This time does not start at the time you first email me. Keep in mind that my work load does vary with the time of year. The production agreement will be in the form of a fax or email with your “ok” on it.

15. Will you cash my check as soon as you get it even if production has not started?

No, I let you know that your funds will be held until I start the order.