New Product: Kawasaki Saddle Bag Lid Covers!

A Kawasaki Nomad owner named Paul from New York requested that I make saddle bag lid covers for the Kawasaki 1700 Nomads and Kawasaki 1700 Voyager from 2009-2015.  At first I was reluctant as the process of creating lid covers is highly time consuming AND I must have a saddle bag in house to work on.

Paul didn’t give up. At first we tried working on a template by mail, much like I do with a tank bib however these lid covers were a more complicated project. After I explained to Paul that working on the covers by mail, email and phone was going to be an almost impossible project he decided to just buy another saddlebag off of eBay and send it to me.  In no time at all I had this large saddlebag sitting on my work bench.

The lid covers are made out of the same excellent material that the Yamaha lid covers are made from. This “Whisper” brand vinyl is created to withstand the elements. It has the look and feel of leather with non of the maintenance involved.

The covers are now ready for market. Contact me with questions. Many thanks to Paul, Tom and those Nomad and Voyager riders who have been patiently waiting for the lid covers for their bikes.

Price per set: $175 plus $15 shipping in the US.

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