Hot Temps and You!

I recently have been in contact with a great guy who helped me in 104 degree temperatures when my truck wouldn’t start. Frank shared that he is heading for Sturgis soon. I wished him a safe trip and also that the temps would be lower than they have been in the Oregon/California areas lately. I mentioned “evaporative cooling vests” which have been known for saving many lives; Frank had not heard about them!

This is how it works: a cooling vest works more efficiently than a cooling neck bandana in that it cools the skin and area surrounding your heart. In turn this allows your heart to work more efficiently by pumping cooler blood to your extremities. Now your heart does not have to work as hard and yes you will still feel the heat. Nothing is going to change that, however the beauty comes from the “cool down” time which happens when you stop. It takes me about 5-10 minutes to cool down whereas before I started using the evaporative cooling vest, it would take me about 30 minutes to an hour (or more) to achieve the same results. If your vest drys out yet your skin underneath is cool it is working for you!

Granted these vests do not work so well in humid climates, because after all, it is already damp/sticky, however they are excellent in drier climates. Humid climates do help you out in that it provides you with some much needed moisture from the air, however call it what you want, heat is heat and the rules for dealing with heat are the same.

I have included the site for the vests (you can locate a dealer near you): Tech Niche International – 

Below are some articles which I came across while on my search for information for this article. I trust you will find them informative.

Start out early in warmer weather, stop earlier in warmer weather and be safe!

Enjoy the summer!





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