What is “custom” work?

I just got off the phone with a potential customer who while surfing the internet and came across an image of one pair of my custom made chaps. What came to mind while speaking with him was that the majority of folks out there do not know that “custom” work is represented by two methods of purchasing what you want.

Let’s take western bull riding chaps for instance. The site will advertise “custom” chaps however if you look closer you will notice that they yoke (aka the waistband) comes possibly in different patterns but is the exact same style.  In leather work the repetition of one product to be sold in mass quantities can be produced by a “clicker” which punches out a leather pattern made by a specific die.  The stamped pattern can also be created the same way.  You then get a chance to pick out the yoke, possibly the color of leather and the size maybe small, medium, large, extra large etc.  The customer clicks and creates through a shopping cart and badaboom badabing, your order is processed.

Another world of custom work such as what I create and what is featured on www.custommade.com (visit me there also) is what I call “old school custom work”. This means that you must be in touch with the maker where as you put your heads and thoughts together to create what you had pictured all along. True custom work let’s say for a pair of chaps involve the following things: your choice of color, texture, and thickness of leather, along with style, exact measurements, embellishments, artwork, hardware and lining. Some or all of these topics are incorporated into the product you create. It can be simple or intricate, it is up to you. 

Along with the custom work process comes the custom work price, however work such as  mine, is backed by a guarantee that generally does not accompany other style of custom work. It boils down to what it is you are looking for and the type of customer service you deserve.

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