I want a color other than black!

In the beginning…there was “biker black”. Now people are coming to me asking for chaps in shades of brown, cream and now I am introducing chaps that are a distressed Levi blue. Yep!

While visiting the Portland store for Oregon Leather I found a denim blue hide and nabbed it. I wanted a pair of chaps that were not black and looked like I was wearing jeans. The leather was great, however I was clueless as to where I could find another one just like it as it was in the remnant bin. Drats!

Then after visiting The Hide House in Napa, CA I was able to see a hide which was in my swatch catalog however it looked WAY better in “real” life than it did as a 2″x2″ swatch. It was even better than the first denim hide I found. It is softer, more oily feeling and is distressed or rather marbled. Excellent for chaps.

So after 8 years and countless times of mentioning to Ken how I planned on making him a pair of chaps I had him pick out a hide off the shelf in my shop. There was black, a few shades of brown and the denim blue one. He went straight for the denim blue hide. Here are some photos of his new chaps. He wanted them to wrap around the back more to keep his back side warmer and it worked.

Lets not forget brown which is also awesome and an old school color for chaps. I have made lots of brown chaps ranging from distressed brown to taupe to tobacco to mahogany. The last pair I made was from the “Renaissance” line of distressed leather featured at the Hide House and like the denim blue hide it was also slightly marbled, really soft and oily feeling.  The photos below are of the most recent chaps I completed. Gary’s wife Karen picked out the hide then added the accent of a dark waistband…..don’t tell him, it’s his Christmas gift.


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