New Product! Braided Clutch and Brake Lever Fringe

Through the prompting of an awesome customer in Iceland I am now offering braided clutch and brake lever covers, with or without fringe.  Jonas came across my work via

Although I was currently not offering this product, he said that by the looks of my work, he just knew I could create them. He went so far as to buy me a book so I could learn how to braid. I resisted the idea however after several attempts was able to get the hang of a four plait braid on a crooked piece of metal!  The result was exactly what he wanted and a new product for the business.

Unlike most braided clutch and brake lever covers, mine include the popular Ace High Leathers quality of hand cut fringe.  This gives you a very rich look unlike anything on the market. Take a look at this page on the site:

Thank you Jonas for your patience and perseverance!


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