Why Leather Grip Covers?

I just had a new customer from Oklahoma ask me for a set of  bull hide leather grip covers for his new Harley Road King.  He wanted to have something different that would match the paint as well. chris_grips1Many people like to ride without gloves in the summer time and those who do will complain about how even the smallest amount of rubber on the grips will turn their hands dark and dirty.  In the beginning I tried cleaning the rubber only to realize it was futile.

Leather grips are just all around more comfortable than chrome ones. They are cooler in summer and warmer in winter. They do not turn your hands black and gritty feeling. The fringe has less of a tendency to bother your arms. They go right over your stock grips and the thick bull hide provides a great cushion. They can easily match your paint job AND…..they are much cheaper than chrome grips! Ta Da! ken_grips

Take a look at my lever and grip page: http://www.acehighleathers.com/motorcycle/lever-fringe-grip-covers/

You’ll see some nice stuff there! ;o)


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