And a Good Time Was Had By All

Recently, I traveled to Sparks NV to conduct a one and half hour clinic for the Ladies of Star. This clinic was part of the annual Star Days event that is put on by the Star Touring (  I had never been to an event of this nature and also had not conducted a clinic that spanned topics from “Embellishing Your Apparel” to “Why does my seat hurts my butt”!

The expected clinic turn out was to be around 20 or more ladies and being that Sparks is about 4 hours from my home, I figured, “why not?”. When I arrived at the casino I found bikes from all of the US and Canada.  Hundreds of Yamaha bikes mixed in with other makes and models such as Harley, Victory, Kawasaki and more, plus huge banners welcoming everyone. I also found a very organization reception committee and registration area. Getting questions answered was not a problem, it seemed as if the people attending the event were full of answers and knew the direction to point me towards. I was impressed!

The day of the clinic I walked into the presentation room only to find everything looking VERY professional and ready to go; brochures, my business cards, water glasses, clinic outline and my famous Tootsie Pops, all at each seat. Wow, no muss no fuss! The tables were set for about 40 or so people. I didn’t stop to count. I only knew that ladies were there early and there were some guys as well. The tables filled up and some extra chairs were used. As I started my presentation, more people kept slowly coming in. Nice!

Two things that I have always found essential to any form of clinic or class is this:

  1. Cells phones must be turned off or down to vibrate.
  2.  People should show consideration for not only the speaker but the people around them by limiting any kind of cross talk.

You know what?You could have heard a pin drop while I as talking during the clinic! For an hour and half, the clinic turned into a wonderful group conversation of sharing ideas and information. We had fun! We laughed a lot and everyone walked away with something about motorcycling and apparel that they didn’t already know, including me!
Many Thanks To Ginger Cease and Shari Wendt of the Star Touring Association who made arrangement for my clinic and for allowing me to share my knowledge with others.
Next year look for the Star Days event to be held in Pennsylvania !

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