For The Lady Riders, A Bit On Visibility

For many lady riders who are new to the world of motorcycles, visibility can be the difference between growing confidence and a lack of confidence. When I starting riding I was new to the world of motorcycles and had a lot to learn very quickly. It definitely felt like it was “little me against THEM”, needless to say I was a very timid rider… first.

As I started embellishing my bike I also found myself embellishing my apparel. What I realized is that “jewels” applied to your black leather gear and/or your helmet will catch the sun or even headlights at night and refract light or “sparkles”. Even the tiniest crystals will make a difference.

The light refracting from the jewels catches the motorist’s eyes and they see you better. This is not to invalidate bright colors or reflective tape but for those who already have purchased their leather gear which is mostly likely black, it is a good way to enhance visibility without replacing your apparel.

If you are not interested in adding jewels to your gear, consider having reflective tape added as it is sometimes hardly noticeable and comes in very handy when riding at night. Another idea is to purchased a jacket that has different colors mainly on the back. Lastly, pack a reflective vest with you in the event that you must ride at night. They fold up small and can be packed in your bags. To see just how every little a motorcyclist is seen at night from behind try riding in a car behind a friend on a unlit road. If they are wearing black gear then you will more than likely see a tail light and that is all.

Keep in mind that the best way for a motorist to see you is always ride like you are not being seen.

Ride to stay up, not to go down!


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