More on “My Seat Hurts My Butt!

One of my readers asked me to elaborate on my first article “My Seat Hurts My Butt”. Ok, so I dug a bit deeper. Assuming that for the most part, you like the bike, we now have a starting point but remember just because you like the way it looks doesn’t mean that it fits you or ever will. Keep in mind that the following ideas can lead to a more comfortable sitting position.

A couple of things which I have added to my bike that have helped me be more comfortable on my cruiser are the Cramp Buster/Throttle Rocker/wrist-rest type invention. They are inexpensive and easy to put on. What they do for your left hand is to just rest your entire hand on the grip. On the throttle side you will wind up operating your throttle more with the ball of your hand and not the fingers and knuckles thus alleviating the stress caused by griping tightly for an indefinite period of time. Because of my line of work, my hands have taken a beating do to the amount of hammering and this puppies have been a blessing!

Another helpful inexpensive addition is my $30 or so cruise control which allows me to drop throttle arm and flex my elbow. While receiving a lesson from a friend who I consider to be an expert rider he said “flap your arms”! Huh? You should be able to flap your arms and flex your wrist all the while maintaining perfect balance with the throttle. If you are not able to do this then you are creating undo tension not only in your forearms and upper arms but clear into your shoulders, neck and entire back. No wonder you hurt like heck sometimes!

Now let’s go back to our bums. If the seat is not correctly fitting your bum the pain will not only head south to your legs but our backs, shoulders and even hands will feel the brunt of the pain. This comes about by how the body tries to get away from pain; it moves away from it. On a bike your a captured, stuck and frozen more or less into one position so your body cannot move too far away from the pain so after a while certain muscles will become fatigued.

As we get older we loose our butt muscles and this area become flatter leaving our bones more exposed. On a motorcycle the tendency is to sit more directly on the bone and cause more undo pressure on that area. The only way to increase these muscles is through regular exercise and walking is the best way to do it.

Like it or not, the most comfortable seat for traveling is a wider seat which gives your bum distributed support side to side and front to back. Some people are lucky enough to really like their stock seat and my husband is one of them. If you do not like the stock seat on your motorcycle, then you must consider either having your seat rebuilt or purchasing another style of seat. So before you buy yet another piece of chrome or a nicer paint job….be kind to yourself invest in a seat that will have you rolling down the road with a smile on your face.

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