Great Site Reviews

Several years ago I came across a women’s motorcycle site which was impressive.  Highly informative, helpful and personal would be putting it mildly.  Petra, owner of whose passion for motorcycles is put forth in one of the most educational sites on the web.  Her initial focus was educating women riders yet over the years men have climbed aboard her popular site and now you will find men and women alike directing questions to “Mama” aka Petra.

Have a technical question? Fire away as she will not only give you a straight forward answer but will also suggest other ways to obtain more information. You’ll wind up book marking this site for future visits and much needed information.  V Twin Mama….you rock!

On another note, I often come across people who asked me how they can learn more about my trade so I wanted to share with you another wonderful site that will enhance the skills of any new or seasoned leather worker. is a forum of artisans who are committed to share their knowledge of leather work.  As you know by my own site, leather work is not just good ol’ western looking patterns and flowers, take a look and navigate through the gallery of work presented by the artisans.  Register to be able to ask as many questions as you like but be careful, this trade can become addicting!

One last site that will be useful for just about anyone looking for other people sharing their interests is the site. This site is a network of forums relating to everything from cooking to horsemanship to motorcycles and more.  Simply go to the main page, register (if you want to be an active member), then in the search bar, type in what kind of forum you are looking for.   Wow, so many forums, so little time!



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