A bit about sport bike/sport touring seats

A funny argument to hear is always the one between sport bike style riders and cruiser style riders. Whose seat is more comfortable? I have a customer who has scoliosis, she is more comfortable on a sport bike but likes cruiser. Her solution was to have both bikes using the sport bike on long trips because it accommodates her back problems better.

It is honestly no secret that sport bikes weren’t initally designed for long road trips however the good news is that more comfortable seats are available for the sport touring, sport bike and duo sport riders. Customizing your own seat is not as hard as you think. The good thing about foam is that if you make a mistake, it can be glued by on!

Take a moment to read this information located on this great website which I mentioned in a previous blog: http://www.diymotorcycleseat.com/comfort.htm
Here you will read about the bone structures in our bodies which can cause mild or extensive pain if the seat is incorrectly shaped. Being on a bike away from home and experiencing anything from heat rash to pelvic or tailbone pain is not something to laugh at. This type of pain can become down right debilitating and dangerous because you are no longer concentrating on your riding skills. In short your world becomes centered around your rear!

Narrow seats can put undo pressure on lower extremities area, however this can also be alleviated through the insertion of a gel pad, high quality foam and/or widening the seat platform on the existing pan. Narrow seats can be comfortable when coupled with the correct “lean” position.

If your seat is uncomfortable and you cannot ride for more than 45 min without having to get off to get away from the discomfort OR if by the end of the day you have developed a feeling of being “bruised”, I would highly recommend that you do not attempt a long trip until you have had your seat adjusted by a professional. Take the time to find someone in your area who can see you sit on the seat, this type of analysis cannot be done over the phone or by email!

It’s the difference from being safe or sore and sorry!

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