More Information On Seats

Many people either don’t have the cash to have their seats adjusted and/or would rather do it themselves. In the last couple of months, I have been busy learning about all kinds of good stuff. One of the topics which was brought to my attention was fitting seats to a rider. Bob, my web guy, wanted me to do his seat but he live about a 12 hour drive from me in Salt Lake City, Utah. Creating a new seat cover is easy, however, adjusting the seat without the person in front of me is more difficult. In essence I need to see your butt and how is fits on the seat!

To ensure a perfect fit I made a suggestion of finding a top quality seat builder/upholsterer in his area. Bob chose to do the seat fit alteration himself and came across a website put up by Charlie Bennett; Charlie has numerous pages on how to adjust your own seat by adding or cutting out foam, information on how to locate and fix pressure points and more. Charlie has taken a huge amount of time in compiling his website which is easy to read and has lots of photos. I highly recommend his site.

After creating the fit Bob wanted he went for a test ride, yep he road on the seat without a cover just to see how it felt. Once he achieved the shape he was after Bob then found Dale Hancock ( whose was work is amazing. Dale would be completing the seat covers as well as back rests for his Royal Star Venture.

The ability to partner with other craftsman is awesome. I meet a lot of interesting people this way and am also able to provide better assistance to my customers. Check out both of the sites mentioned above you’ll find them interesting.

Footnote: Dale Hancock has offered to take my skills up a notch by allowing me to learning some of his techniques. Wow!

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