A bit about my customers

I have the most awesome customers! In the past six years I can hardly remember having had a “difficult” or “rude” customer. The people that come into my shop or who contact me by phone and email are some of the nicest people I have ever met and I don’t have a clue as to what most of them look like!

I have several customers who have stayed in touch with me over the years and other who are now personal friends. I have lots of repeat customers who appreciate that I remember them and know their personal tastes.

I have customers like Bill and Dee in Redding, Ca who wouldn’t have it any other way than to have me stay in their “hotel motorhome” each year for the city’s big bike event. There is Wally in Searcy Arkansas, Chuck in Salem Oregon, Dorathy in San Diego, California, Emilyn in Reno Nevada, Pauline in Napa California, Bonnie in Reno Nevada and many many more.

I can’t forget the people who have written thanking me for having sold them evaporative cooling vests which they said truly saved their lives. Or those who thanked me for the advise I gave them on how to do things themselves. It’s all very cool.

These folks have become sort of an extended family to me because we keep in touch and its not always about business. They bring to me as much joy as they say my products bring joy to them. Its a wonderful exchange.

So to say that I merely have a business would be to fall short on what it is all about for me. Its an exchange of laughter, being able to share my skills with others and the ability to touch people all over the US, Canada and other countries as well.

It’s all so very awesome to me and I thank each person who has ever allowed me to sell them a product and/or make them something that they had been looking for. You guys rock!

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