Underneath the bad haircut, she’s still Riley Marie

It’s been several weeks since the Terrorist had her pink tights removed and started her rehab. Those of you who have had an animal in rehab know that you are not only doing your best to cover all of their needs, keep them safe but the hardest part is second guessing what it is that they are going through. The beauty of animals is that they stay present to what is going on at that moment; they don’t live in the past or the future.

So after the tights were removed Miss Riley Marie became the center of attention. We live in the country on a steep hill with no level areas to speak of. The vet’s instructions called for confinement, walks on a leash preferably on level concrete surfaces. “Oh brother!” I thought in a sarcastic train of thought! Needless to say she had to get tuff pretty quick because there are no options for “walks on concrete” where we live and lucky for us our vet understood this. We did the best we could finding small areas of land that were even the tinniest bit level and there was always one of us who was out with Riley on her leash.

Slowly but surely things have gotten better, except her attitude when she doesn’t get her way. Going for a walk and having Pete go out of her sight is not a good thing. Ken has started to let her outside on her own (without Pete) and this seems to be allowing her to strengthen her legs at her own pace. We have one more week to go before her possible final vet check.In the meantime like a muttly dog who tired to look like a poodle, her “hairdo” continues to look bad and the indignant looks we often get from her have not changed.

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