On another note

We often times don’t stop and think about our communication skills until it’s too late. Better yet we all tend to blame it on the other party who we’re sure misunderstood what was being said but let’s talk a minute about how much trouble we can save ourselves if we just slow down.

Bob and I made the decision to changes web host servers. EasyASP Hosting could not provide us with the ability to enlarge photos so that my customers could see the details of my work better. No problem…Bob found another host. In the meantime he asked that I relay our plans for closing our account which was to happen at the end of December. Being that EasyASP Hosting does not have a live body to speak to a very long process was initiated and every web owners nightmare occurred; my site was taken down without my permission.

I would like to blame everything on them but I can’t. What transpired was that the important wording stating “Please be aware that we will be closing our account as of the end of December…” was left out of my email and only “we will pay until the end of December” was what they read. Needless to say the site was down for 3 full days and the worst part was that I have lost all of the online exposure which had me up there in the search engines.

What can you do? True if EasyASP Hosting would have real people to speak with the issue could have been resolved the same night it was taken down but when a company chooses to do away with live customer service and go to the world of long drawn out emails a lot is lost. Would I recommend this hosting company to anyone, “NO” especially if you still value the ability to speak to a real person. Onward and upward. 🙂

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