Riley Marie the Terrorist

Pete is my dog and then there is Riley Marie the terrorist, she is Ken’s dog. Riley is a terrier mix of some sort. We own a well pump business and she’s Ken’s constant companion and “pump assistant”. She goes everywhere with him and they both come home looking like they just got off another dirty job. Riley and Ken don’t care if they get dirty and they both like going to work to get dirty. On the other hand, Pete and I love our comforts. Pete love his fireplace, his bed and blankets, the swamp cooler, the shade in the summer and of course his cookies. Riley would rather roll in cow poop and eat something dead.

Riley is famous and she’s had her picture in our local paper for the way she sits in the pump truck. She sits in the front seat of the pump rig with her “elbow” on the door, her legs spread and her belly jiggling as they go down the road. She looks old but she’s only two.
She is known to Ken’s customers as the dog with the happy wiggle butt and a few have asked if they could have her. We think Riley is one of the cutest dogs around other people have told to Ken; “that’s one ugly dog”. He laughs and said that he thinks she’s beautiful. When we got her from the pound Ken asked why I named her Riley Marie; “because people will think she’s ugly and she needs a beautiful name”. Now he understands why.

We call Riley, Pete’s little sister but its obvious she’s not. It just a dog owner’s way of personifying their pets and they’re right! What is also true is that “Ri-girl” is a terrorist. She drives Pete to distraction, bites his back legs to get him to play, taunts him with her rope, takes up the whole seat in the truck, growls at him if he gets near the cookie she doesn’t want and then crawls in bed with him if something scares her.Pete just puts up with it because he can out run her but then last Sunday Miss Riley Marie ran faster than her little legs could carry her and she had a terrible mishap, but I’ll write about that later…………

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