How the Terrorist Wound Up In Pink Tights

Ok, I’m going to tell you what happened to Riley Marie the little “Terrorist”. A week ago on Sunday me, her and Pete the Pit were walking down our driveway which is steep as we live on the side of a hill with lots of acreage around us. The dogs took off running. I had never seen her run so fast as she’s always been weak in the hind quarters however, this time she ran so fast that she tore the ACL’s in both of her back legs. It was terrible as her back legs just quit working.

On Monday, we located a vet who in short explained that Riley’s past set her up for what happened because more than likely as a puppy she was injured, probably by someone pulling her by her legs. Due to the weakness in her legs or “knees” as the vet called them they could either do surgery or put her down. The latter was not an option.

She underwent surgery on both “knees” and they gave her implants, repaired the damage, old and new and removed some arthritic spurs…she’s only about 2 1/2.

So I went to pick her up at the vet and between the drugs and her feeling ofabandonment, she looked at me with a stare that had to have said, “quit the baby talk voice, where’s Ken?” and I knew then she was going to be alright. She seemed vaguely happy to see me but man when Ken got home here is what happened, she rolled over on her back, pink tights in the air, “bikini cut” flashing and let him know he was her pack leader! The photo says it all.

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