Pete the Pitiful-Bull

I’d like to introduce my dog Pete. He has a few other names, all of which he answers to. There is Bubba, Pete Bull, Bubby, Boy Boy, and the list goes on. Pete came from the pound. We don’t know exactly how old he is but he hd fallen out of a truck and was found hurt and homeless. The lady who found him wanted to keep him but his vet bills were too high and so she turned him over to the pound.

One vet said he was 9 months the other said he was almost 2 yrs old. Still he is Mr Awesome but let me back up. I was scared to death of him when Ken’s brother brought him to us. The reason we got him is because our little dog Andy, met an untimely death at the hands of the local “choir boys” aka the coyotes and so did our other little dog Cricket.

Ken made the decision that he was going to get a dog that no coyote was ever going to fool with or hurt for that matter so he had his brother pick out a pitbull and Ron picked Pete. I had heard all the pit bull horror stories and was sure I’d wake up with his jaws around my neck only after he had eaten the cats and killed my husband as well. ……..

I’ll tell you more about this amazing friend of mine as time goes one but first, you’ll need to know that Pete loves blankets, soft rugs, cookies and his “pack leader” more than anything in the world. He is also afraid of small dogs that bark at him.

I made him a sweater or 2 or 3 during the first winter that we had him. One afternoon in my shop he kept staring at me and I realized that his teeth were rattling in his mouth because he was so cold. I didn’t know that Pits get cold because they have very little hair and in his case very little fat. Here is he is in front of the fire place in his sweater, a happy dog. This is my wonderful friend.

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