It’s Show Time!

I think Bob knew that when you are dealing with an artist, “Show Time” may never come around because….there will always be one more tweak that must be made, one more photo that has to be added and it just doesn’t work that way. So when he Skyped me and said “We’re going live tonight” as I was heading out the door all I could do was pray. I left for my lady riders meeting knowing the site was live and knowing that one more tweak was not going to happen before it went live. Show Time was here and from here on out we were going to be working everything while on stage!

So since I last wrote about the new website in August I’ve learned a bunch. It’s still a bit fuzzy but as repetition is the best teacher, it’s starting to sink in. I’m sure Bob is enjoying having me do so many of the things that I would just toss at him never knowing what it entailed. Thanks for your patience Bob, the university students in Salt Lake City are very lucky to have you as their professor.

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