It’s been way too long!

Six, almost seven months is way too long in between blog comments from me….the person who has the website. H-H-H-H-ell0! So let me catch you up on what is going on here. First off I’ve been working with Bob, my wonderful web guy and there is a new site around the corner. It’s slow going for two reasons: one, I am clueless in certain aspects of websites and two Bob is a university professor and father extraordinaire and so together we make slow but steady progress. The reason for the change in the site is so that I can edit articles and add photos to my hearts content. My current site was created by Bob and it is a bit beyond a novice like myself.

My work continues to change. It keeps getting better and more interesting. With that I will bring some new photos and new products to the site for everyone to look at. One of the new pages what will appear on the new site is the “Cool Stuff for Sale” page. This page will feature ready to ship products, one of a kind items and also sale items. It should be a fun page in that you will have to hurry to make sure you get the items before they are gone.

Also, the gallery will be very expansive and will show the many phases of work that I do. I have over 500 photos so keep checking back as once I figure out just how to get these puppies up on the site, I’ll have my work cut out for me!

Many thanks to Bob Trim who, over the past 5 years has been patient above and beyond the call of duty along with being my head cheerleader with a lot of “attagirl” shouts! Thanks Bob!

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