Happy New Year to everyone.

It’s New Year’s Eve and a white one for those of us located just below the Oregon border in California. Who knows what the weather will be like in a week, we could even wind up with an Indian summer.Looking back on the past year, I can only say that I have learned a vast amount about Ace Highs business side. A business is like a growing entity that needs nurturing, integrity and focus. It’s like riding a bike; a fine balance between focus and total enjoyment, you need to have both and they should be a team.

Product wise I’ve expanded. I have found a new interest and passion which is making luggage such as trunks for not only bikes for traveling in general. I now have on my wish list a bigger stronger sewing machine that can handle the type of heavy leathers I want to work on this coming year. You’ll no longer see boot stirrups on our “Other Cool Stuff” page. I’ve ventured further into alterations and I’m proud to be an affiliate of Fox Creek Leather who continually sends customers to me.

Bob Trim aka “Mr Wizard” is working on totally new site. The reason for this is simple, it’s time for me to take charge of the site and make changes as I see fit. I’m very anxious to do so as I will be able to change photos as needed, add descriptions and “tweak” things over a cup of coffee in the morning.

Customer wise I can only say that I continue to be approached by a high quality of people who are looking for the customer service that I provide; one on one. You folks out there are the ones who have kept me going over the past 4 years and I’ve been privileged to serve you by putting your ideas on leather. In return many of you have given me new ideas for products and your feedback has allowed me to improve my techniques and quality.

This coming year is going to mark my 5th year with Ace High Leathers. I have no idea just what kind of adventure I’m going to be embarking on but it will be fun to reflect back at the end of next year. Blessings to each of you in the coming year and thank you for being a part of my business.

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