Sept 2009

Date: Sept ’09

It’s interesting how birds of a feather flock together! My advertising budget isn’t the greatest so I’ve found that through my customers and contacts I’ve made along the way, word is getting out. I have made two “email buddies”, both share my passion: creating wonderful things out of leather. These two ladies are not just down the street from me… we’re states apart!
Bev Jones of Bev Jones Saddlery lives in Wisconsin and Denice Langley of Denice Langley Leather and Silver lives in Colorado. Here are two women who I have never met but have shared their passion for leather work with me via emails and phone calls.
The interesting thing is that they both know that I specialize in the “iron horse world” and they are of the “real horse world”! Sharing ideas and swapping patterns is what it’s all about, not competition for orders and customers. We all know that our work is as unique as the leather smith creating the order. One of the things that we are enjoying most is that lady leather workers are not something you come by very often and in my case, a woman who not only works leather but knows some thing about motorcycles is unique.
I can only say that it is an HONOR to be in touch with these two professional women and I will create the possibility, to meet them in the near future! Thank you Bev and Denice for welcoming an “iron horse girl” into the “real live” horse world of leather!
Below is a bit about each of them and I also invite you to visit their sites, contact them with questions or just to say “hello”. Take a look at their work. I know you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
From Denice: “… seems that these sports lend themselves to creative ways to express yourself through your tack and apparel.

Having always been a creative individual, my first official way of earning money was making the elaborate show outfits you see pleasure and equitation riders wearing because I couldn’t find ones that fit me personally or seemed ‘nice’ enough. As a result of making my own, doing that soon turned into its own business. Much the same has happened with my leather. My first leather sewing machine was purchased so that I could make my own ‘fancier’ show chaps for cutting and as a result of them I received orders for several other pairs that ended up paying for that machine and the next heavier machine which in turn has led to an entire room full of tools and machinery. Its great fun most of the time and very gratifying to create something and see someone using it, whether it’s a belt, purse, sandals, or pair of chaps…..” 

From Bev: “B D Jones Saddlery was founded in Central Wisconsin for the purpose of creatinghigh quality custom tack and saddles. I take pride in creating high quality products and use only the best materials. I use only top quality products such as Wickett and Craig and HermanOaks brand as well as stainless steel or brass hardware.

Other products available also include custom chaps, spur straps, knife sheathes, waist belts dog collars, and other leather products.
I also provide saddle and tack repair as well as horse blanket repairs.”


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